Take control of something like a hybrid between a cat, crab and possibly a demon and kill everything that moves! With the aid of a giant buzzsaw! Just keep in mind that said saw doesnt discriminate its victims and kills anything that it slashes through, including you!

(grab the saw to actually get points)

Controls: WASD/Arrow keys to move, Space/X to throw and grab the disc.

Font used: https://justfredrik.itch.io/weiholmir

Music made by: https://edwardkstuart.bandcamp.com/album/disclaw-os

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Arcade, discroomgamejam, Pixel Art


DISCLAW_NoBrowser.zip 6 MB


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140 :/


Beautiful (and bloody) approach to combo-building. Love it!


Liked the game, great music.
I had to put my screen refresh rate at 60hz (I use a 240hz and played the game with edge chromium) otherwise it was unplayble, the game was way to fast.


1880 (H) its insane! i like the idea


Got a highscore of 255! I know I can do better than that, though! I found it a little hard to grab the disk at first, but with practice it became easier. Wonderful idea! 


Nicely done!
I definitely didn't understand about grabbing the saw to get points until I read about it - I thought just killing enemies would accumulate points. But now that I understand it, it works quite well!


This was pretty cool but I think you should make it more clear of what you have to do. Love the art and the music tho, nice job!


Completely insane for a project made that quickly! I love it. Making the objective more clear would make it even better. (And of course more variation the more points you get. )