A downloadable asset pack

Just felt like making a whole spritesheet with a black and red aesthetic.

INCLUDES: 10 monsters, 5 neutral characters, 3 bosses, 20 various items, 2 sets for dungeon walls and some other stuff.

Feedback appreciated. Might add more stuff in the future i dunno.

MAKE SURE TO CREDIT ME IF YOU USE THIS! Also i would gladly hear about any projects you uploaded that use this, so tell me in the comments.

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Tags1-bit, 2D, Black and White, Dark, Dark Fantasy, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Monsters, Swords, Top-Down


Monochrome Dungeon Crawler RealSize.png 7 kB

Install instructions

You just like pluck this thing into whatever youre using, possibly separate it all beforehand, and then try to make a game with it.

It doesnt really work good on a light background since the gradients are not transparent but are just darker shades of the colors.


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Really big fan of this! Great job. I love the uniqueness and stylization of the enemies.

Thank you!