A downloadable asset pack

A somewhat small sprite sheet inspired by Enter The Gungeon. Intended for a roguelike-ish top down game but obviously can be used for anything.


- 16 enemy characters.

- 4 wall, floor, door and locked door sets.

- 4 sets of decorations with 4 objects in each.

- 12 (+1 blank) speech bubbles.

- 1 player character, ammo and health packs, 2 bullets, entrance and exit stairways, a grave, a chest, and 5 pickups.

Please credit me if you use these, even if you modify it. Have a good day!


Weapon crypt.zip 9 kB

Install instructions

 Zip file includes the spritesheet itself and the aseprite file. All sprites are 16x16 pixels. Just unpack it and youre free to go.


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Can You please add animations??

Nah, sorry

No Problem