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You are a class C medical bay bot, sadly all humans have died by now. You may be happy that no one orders you commands now but sadly humans died because of a terrifying disease, that disease has mutated so much that if left untreated it can reanimate the corpse of its host basically turning them into a zombie made out of blood and guts, its also not only immune to heat but it grows significally faster in hot temperatures. So you are asigned by the hivemind to be isolated in a singular room, cutting the disease of all corpses you get after which youll have to burn them. Also yeah about that reanimating corpses part, said zombies are very strong so dont waste time or youll get owerwhelmed, even with your plan-B type emergency shotgun!

CONTROLS: WASD to move, LMB to use  or pick up tool, RMB to drop tool.


StayDead_v1.1.exe 4 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the exe file.

2. Play!

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