A downloadable asset pack

Its a tiny sprite sheet for some kind of shooter, arcade game. I was just bored so i drew this. It includes:

1. 5 tiny characters: player marshmallow, zombie, skeleton, robot and some kind of a golem.

2. 3 tiny bosses: a big golem, big robot and a big skeleton.

3. 7 weapons: pistol, revolver, machinegun, shotgun, assault rifle, combat shotgun and a bazooka!

4. 6 projectiles: bullet, big bullet, shotgun pelet a rocket and a enemy bullet and ball projectile.

5. 4 icons: skull, heart, cross, plus.

6. 3 smoke variants and 2 casings.

7. A tiny pop and an explosion.

8. And a health kit with an ammo kit for the end.

You are ONLY allowed to use this if you credit me! You are allowed to modify and change it as long as you admit that though. If you do something with this - post the link to the page in the comments, i would love to see it!


Shooter_sprites.png 2 kB

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