Im just rolling with it

Heyyyyy its the fourth update. And i slightly slowed down cuz im lazy.

So theres what i added:

1.Some more sounds! Its not much but its atleast something.

2.Bullet casings. Because i felt like something was missing.

3.Pelet gun is now an SMG.

4.Decor! That was harder to make than i expected. Also i will add more some time later.

5.Cycle enemies. Theres 3 harder enemies for each zone that appear after the level 12.

6.Some little changes. They are very little so you might not even notice them.

Also there might be a bug where the exit doesnt spawn even though you killed all enemies. I have no idea why it happens and im not even sure its actually present. So yeah theres that. Bye!


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Jul 06, 2019

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