Harsher and softer

Ehey! Im here again. Well this update is not very big but i decided to finish the stuff that i started and post it as quickly as possible because of a bug.

Well heres the list:

1.More guns! I have no idea how much but theres more. And most of them appear only after level 12.

2.A boss! Hes pretty hard. Also to loop you need to break the yellow ball that he drops on death. Just shoot at it until the generation screen appears.

3.I gave some enemies slightly less health so you can be a bit more aggresive.

4.Loop upgrades! Now with each cycle you become a bit stronger. Its not much but this and the cycle guns help balance stuff out a bit

5.Some more decorations.

6.Very little tweaks. Like i think theres only 1 or 2 but i thought it still needed a mention.

Aaaand i think thats all ive done. Have a nice day!


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Jul 07, 2019

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