Wheres my earplugs?!

Hello my friend! And its me! Cheese baron! And this is my devlog. Its the seventh update and seven is a lucky number right? I think...

Well as usual lets see the list of changes:

1. A menu. Its nothing much just the games title but still.

2. Some music. Also i added a ton of sound effects.

3. Two very convenient buttons to toggle the music and sounds.

4. A little bit of rebalancing. The boss now should be as hard.

5. A tiny bit of new weapons. I have taken a pretty long pause so i forgot how many i added so yeah...

6. The reaper! Dont take too long or he will come to take your soul!

7. And 2 secret locations! They are pretty hard to reach. And also heres a tip on how to reach them 1. Watch the clock. And 2. Dont be safe.

8. Some really minor tweaks. Like they are almost unnoticable.

And thats it! Thats all i have added over a course of this time. Yeah i know im lazy like hell and took a bit of a long break but thats just how i am.



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Aug 08, 2019

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